Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data… All of this will be mediated by software – Satya Nadella

We bring software to life

With business data there is no one-size fits all. Hinwise’s expertise in bringing customized software solutions to industry adapts to your team and industry needs. We have produced chemical regulatory software that has been used by such clients as BASF and Michelin.

The insights you get from us will always be relevant, useful, and within budget.

Here are some examples of solutions we can craft for you:

Analytics Platform

Hinwise lets you get the most out of your data stores.

  • Standardize and sort ambiguous and difficult data
  • Monitor data streams for patterns and outliers
  • Visualize large data sets
  • Answer business questions

Data Collection Platform

Reduce the risk of data corruption with a custom-tailored Data Collection Platform.

  • Standardize and streamline incoming data flows
  • Populate an analytics platform
  • Confidently outsource¬†manual data entry

Data Warehouse

Hinwise can save you countless man hours and the risk of lost data.

  • Gather all your legacy systems under one virtual roof
  • Standardize data from multiple sources
  • Move archives to the cloud to allow access from anywhere
  • Integrate old data with newer analytics systems

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