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Collecting content for you

Imagine you want to monitor official industry news from a large number of websites and blogs. If you have even 100 sites to monitor, staying informed can take teams of people.  We can put all of that data in front of  you, saving you countless man hours.

Whether it’s online news forums, political blogs, regulatory drafts, or technical whitepapers, the challenge is the same.

Our automated data monitoring engine will check for new content and deliver it securely in JSON format, ready to be integrated directly to your business intelligence system.


Our Content APIs are good for:

  • Creating news portals and mobile apps
  • Monitoring  industry websites for events relevant to your industry
  • Staying informed on what influencers in your industry are blogging about
  • Populating the database of a business intelligence system

Content APIs are priced according to the following structure:

API Setup

One-time fee
  • Includes software setup
  • API access
  • Ssecurity setup.
  • For customized options contact us for a quote.

Data Tagging

One-time fee
  • Price may vary depending on the complexity of the data source
  • Includes Nightly Updates
  • Date of last update in header

Monthly service fee

for ongoing maintenance
  • Includes server maintenance
  • Database adjustment
  • All quality assurance modifications

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