Digitize your business

Do you have boxes of invoices gathering dust in a back room?

->Put it on the cloud so it’s coherent and useful.


Technology is not just for Silicon Valley

Keeping track of important information with paper and spreadsheets?

->We can build a  browser-based data entry system  that will save you time and money.

Data insights on demand

Want to visualize information in a way that will wow a client?

->From augmented reality to tactile modelling, you’ll be cutting edge

Hinwise can help you digitize your business.

We are a team of experienced software developers and data scientists for hire on a contract basis to transform your manual business processes.

  • If your business uses manual forms, it’s costing you.
  • If your business uses spreadsheets to track critical data, it’s a business risk
  • If your business has systems that don’t talk to each other, that’s inefficient
  • If your business has detailed historical data on paper, it’s an untapped resource

Moving to digital processes will save you time and money, and Hinwise can help.

The first step is to contact us, and schedule an introductory meeting so we can assess your needs accurately.

Tailored Solutions

Our team can manage everything from time-series analysis on production efficiency, to developing a full auditing system for historical finances.

Full Collaboration

We are a friendly, open team who focus on real business questions. We work closely with you to make sure the insights you get are relevant and understood.

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